Студия авторской одежды Дмитрия Пехташева

Individual tailoring with great attention to detail and finish.

  • Attention to each client;
  • Exclusive designs, quality tailoring of men's and women's clothing;
  • Individual tailoring men's suits, shirts, jackets and trousers;
  • Sewing evening, elegant, wedding dresses, suits, blouses, summer dresses;
  • Fur,leather goods: sewing coats, sheepskin coats, jackets, vests;
  • Block, restoration, landing on a figure, repair of any complexity;
  • Manufacturing accessories (belts, bags, hats);
  • Interior textiles:sewing curtains,fur rugs,sewing slipcovers,pillows,carpets from leather;
  • Work with the designer - creating a unique image, consultation in the selection of materials;
  • Departure to the customer;
  • Our items can be purchased at the Studio at the Eketerinburg,55 Vainer St., of.302. The possibility of ordering on the internet, with services, products you liked, by Russian Post.